Compliance & Security

Eliminate Risks Through Transparent Control

Leverage best-in-class cloud-based infrastructure and controls to reduce technical and regulatory burden. 


Access Impactful Traceability

Monitor and report upon all activities and decisions your team and homeowners take.


Provide Consistent Decisions

Know you are providing your homeowners the best compliant options every time. 


Control Your

Reduce data risks caused by fragmented tech-stacks and paper-based processes.


Master Regulatory Requirements

Brace’s rules engine provides consistent and equitable decisioning of GSE and investor guidelines, without the dependency on paper or spreadsheets.

Our compliance team monitors for relevant guideline updates and works with your team to review and implement applicable changes, keeping you ahead of regulatory changes.

Tighten Process Management

Brace’s end-to-end digital platform provides full audit traceability that exceeds compliance reporting needs, with an added benefit of visibility into employee performance and decisioning driving meaningful operational changes for you and your homeowners.


We've been confident that we have everything in place needed to keep our data secure, going in and out.

Ken Creech

CIO of Servicing, Flagstar Bank

Secure Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Brace keeps your data safe and private, in a continually monitored dedicated environment with the highest level encryption for data at rest and in transit.

Secure data exchange from your system of record and SSO identity verification keep all your data in sync and ensure the right level of access for homeowners and Servicers is limited to the right people.


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