Why Brace

Servicing Built for Tomorrow's Demands

The world has changed since 1968, but servicing technology hasn't. Whether a homeowner, investor, or Servicer team member, people expect to intuitively know how to find the information they need to make the right decisions.

That's where Brace comes in. Leading Servicers rely on Brace to provide a simplified and efficient solution, that drives engagement, enabling efficient scaling in a secure environment. 


A Human Focused Experience

Leveraging best-in-class digital user experience principles, Brace provides intuitive seamless movement on the users' terms, tracking and reporting all activity driving future process optimizations.

Round-the-clock access means homeowners can manage their mortgage on their schedule, increasing their engagement and likelihood of fast problem resolution.

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Brace not only increases and improves the customer experience, but it improves the efficiency of our operating model.

Lee Smith

Executive Vice President ▪ President of Mortgage, Flagstar Bank

Servicing First & Only

Brace is specifically designed to support the complex needs of the mortgage servicing industry and its many faces.

Secure Cloud-Based Infrastructure

Brace partners with your servicing technology team, building a secure direct integration between your system and your company’s dedicated SOC2 environment, providing continual internal stack monitoring.

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Compliant by

Brace reduces RESPA compliance risks through out-of-the-box automated controls. Our team continually monitors for new regulations and investor updates, ensuring our solution is immediately adapted and advising customers as required.

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Live in a Quarter

Brace works side-by-side with your team to integrate seamlessly into your existing infrastructure and workflow processes, without adding complexity or high demands of your team's time.

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