Brace Team


Tyler Mattis, Product Manager

What is your position and what does that entail?

I am a Senior Product Manager here at Brace, working with our engineering teams to help build out our proprietary rules engine that decisions homeowners for different loss mitigation options in order to help homeowners get their mortgage payments back on track.

Tell me about your career before joining Brace and how you ended up here.

I began my career working in AdTech, initially as an analyst, before transitioning into Product Management once I realized the impact and role that PMs can play in using and acting on data to drive the mission of a company. As an analyst and later as a Product Manager, my focus was primarily around working and integrating with our demand-side API partners, implementing solutions regarding our third-party auction dynamics and logic, and all areas of our reporting and data engineering functionalities. Following this, I transitioned into the financial technology space and, after a stint at a loan origination shop where I oversaw their reporting and data-focused efforts, I joined Brace in the summer of 2020. I have sought after and really appreciated working at companies and in roles where I have had the opportunity to gain insight into “how the sausage is made”, as this has helped me to work at my best and to recognize and execute on changes at all levels of the product.

What is an exciting project you have been working on recently? What is your proudest professional accomplishment at Brace?

I have been primarily focused on helping to extend support for our rules engine to the various investor types and facilitating the buildout of their associated waterfalls, thus helping Brace to widen its homeowner coverage. I am proud to have contributed to a solution designed to truly help people who are in need — those who are struggling and are at risk of losing their homes. On Thanksgiving Day 2020, we were able to help grant forbearance to a homeowner and, having previously worked in industries and at companies whose sole focus is on revenue generation, I honestly did not expect to experience the sense of tremendous pride that I felt in being able to alleviate this homeowner’s stress and concerns and allow them to better enjoy their holiday and spend time with their loved ones. That they were able to utilize our platform and technology, thus eliminating potentially weeks of back and forth with their mortgage holder, the risk of missing deadlines, and the possible loss of their home highlights the importance of the work that we are doing and the real impact that Brace plays and will continue to play in the lives of its clients’ homeowners.

What is your favorite part of working at Brace?

Being a part of a nimble and growing team, you are afforded the opportunity to have a true, measurable impact on both the short and long-term vision of the product. I appreciate and am humbled by the talent and drive of my team and the wonderful people that I get to work with on a daily basis. Their warmth, intelligence, and creativity make it a pleasure to walk downstairs, sit at my desk (kitchen table), and log in each morning. Also a low-key huge fan of the #pets Slack channel.

What is something you would want others to know about Brace?

Brace is a place where ideas are encouraged and opinions are heard, where people are motivated and passionate about their work, and where you never know what employee appreciation snack will arrive on your doorstep.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working?

Outside of work, you can find me cheering on Arsenal’s soccer team (as painful as that usually is), being a bit over-competitive at most games, yelling moderately correct answers at the TV during Jeopardy, and eating hot dogs at any and all baseball games within a 20-mile radius. I also spend a fair amount of time hanging out with Colby, my energetic, belly rub loving dog. After finding him in a bush almost nine years ago, we have been inseparable ever since.