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Brace Is Giving Servicers Unprecedented Live Reporting Power

If you’re like us, you think reporting should be quick, easy, and provide timely and relevant data. It’s a luxury many industries have had for many years thanks to advancements in software technology, and now mortgage servicers can enjoy the same.

The Brace Default Management Platform 2.0 gives Servicers the ability to take part in the joy of analyzing live data to increase efficiency, strengthen quality assurance, and improve overall company performance.

Live Servicing Snapshots of Increased Performance

Launching with the Brace Default Management Platform 2.0 are point-in-time snapshots of team activity. Servicing managers no longer have to wait days or weeks to process data manually. Brace’s platform gives managers live views of their team’s progress to monitor daily, enabling them to proactively adjust the team’s workflow and assigned task types as they happen to meet their team goals.

With no lost time, management can more accurately assess team member performance. With increased overall team visibility, opportunities to scale high-performing team members, and support those who are struggling, becomes easier than ever.

The Brace Default Management Platform gives Servicing managers the one thing that they’ve desired for decades—time. With reliable digital tools, management now has to support and resolve niche homeowner issues and tackle higher-value organizational tasks. With the Brace system automatically prioritizing RESPA, managers can give these tasks their full attention and not worry about their teams meeting deadlines.

Critical Reports in a Single Click

While spreadsheets and PDFs are technically digital tools, many hours of work (and sometimes dedicated teams) are still involved in gathering, extracting, processing, and interpreting data. By the time the report is in a manager’s hands, they’re hoping the data is still relevant. With Brace’s live reporting, there’s no questioning whether or not you’re making the right decision. You can view three different progressive views of applications, team performance, and rate tracking through the manager dashboard.

Brace Manager Reporting


The applications reporting dashboard can be broken down into two separate views: Applications Snapshot and Milestone Tracking.

Applications Snapshot

The Applications Snapshot is a macro-view of all application activity. This view is a critical management tool to track application progress as they move toward their RESPA completion deadline.

Milestone Tracking

Milestone tracking breaks down each phase of the application lifecycle against RESPA timelines. It shows the number of applications that have passed through each step, the number that are approaching their deadlines, and the past due amount.

Team Performance

In the Team Performance dashboard, managers can see a breakdown of each team member. This dashboard view helps managers monitor and gauge employee performance against organizational benchmarks.

Rate Tracking

Rate tracking shows a five-week window into the rates your team uses by investors per your desired mortgage terms. This view can be customized to which investor rates impact your organization the most.

Everything You Need in One Place

Imagine a single hub where you can access key metrics to get an overall picture of the health of your pipeline. Not only can it skyrocket your organization’s efficiency, performance, and quality assurance efforts, but it also delivers a layer of transparency that investors will find appealing as well.

To learn more ways the Brace Default Management Platform can make your life easier, download the full product feature white paper.