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Enabling a Single Source of Truth

Today is a great day! 

Not only because we got out of bed this morning, but because today is the day you learn more about how Brace can help homeowners remain in their homes. As with every service, it all begins with the consumer. But, the Default Management platform we provide has many digital tools that allow both Servicers and homeowners to work together 24/7. 

Connected Consumers Engaging on Their Time 

Not being confined to traditional 9-to-5 business hours naturally allows consumers to reach out for assistance on their terms, expanding your reach and increasing the number of early resolution applications that are processed. With the Brace platform, homeowners can complete a full loss mitigation application online in under an hour on their time. Smart prompts and integrations ensure the information entered is accurate and complete the first time around.

  • Brace’s FEMA integration identifies if their property is in a disaster-impacted area and offers a quick link for hardship type. 
  • When it comes to reporting their income, assets, or expenses, Brace prompts the homeowner to add required supporting documentation and lets them digitally attach documents to their application—removing the need for additional wasted time with follow-up requests.

The Fastest Way to File Resolution

Brace designed its platform to provide relief to distressed homeowners. However, it was also created to de-stress Servicers. No Servicer wants a homeowner to go into foreclosure. But, inefficient legacy systems work against their best efforts causing homeowners to slip through the timelines and cracks. 

​​The Brace Platform is your single solution to replace all the disparate applications and tools Serviciers currently have to use like spreadsheets and PDF’s with a single connected experience seamlessly unifying data, workflow, and communications. 

Starting with a platform that leverages modern user experience designs, Brace simplifies the application verification process for Servicers by enabling all parties to work simultaneously on the same document in real-time. 

With Brace, all Servicers can reference a single source of truth verified against guideline waterfalls in real-time. Finally, servicing teams are working effectively and efficiently! Whether your team is working from an office or remotely, the centralized Brace Default Management platform significantly increases managers’ ability to monitor, assist, and coordinate their teams. Managers can access productivity reports daily instead of monthly, allowing them to assist employees in their development quickly. 

Once integrated, the Brace platform truly creates specialists from your team members, removing rote work and automating tasks to produce agile, skilled teams that can responsively scale as the market conditions demand. No more copies of copies. No more working off of PDFs. And one nice perk of the system is there are way fewer envelopes to stuff, meaning fewer mail costs. 

Helping Teams and Homeowners Achieve the Same Goal

On the human level, no mortgage servicer wants one of their customers to lose their home. In some way, we can all identify with and empathize with people going through those kinds of hardships.

The ultimate goal of Brace is to connect homeowners with relief options and increase efficiencies for Servicers—all resulting in faster file resolutions. The better way of doing things is here. Contact us to learn more about how you can integrate the Brace Default Management system into your organization and provide an easier path to relief for homeowners.