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A Single Secure Connected Home

A Quick Inventory of Mortgage Servicing

Every successful business has to dedicate some time throughout the year to evaluate their systems and processes to ensure that they progress efficiently toward their goals.

As a Servicer, you’re aware that the industry as a whole is, well, a little behind when it comes to reevaluating efficiencies. Paper mail, PDFs, and spreadsheets create unconnected workflows that are hard to manage.

The good news is it’s never too late to make a change for the better. For years now, Brace has been paying attention to the underserved mortgage servicing industry and its consumers (which is pretty much everyone). Brace’s focus is on creating a single connected infrastructure to support the needs of every part of the servicing ecosystem, from homeowner to investor.

A Unified Front

Providing information to everyone on the team is paramount for successful operations. The Brace Default Management platform is a single platform that connects all the required data, activities, and communication. When everyone is connected to a single source of truth, it elevates efficiency, reducing unnecessary risks.

Brace is streamlining and simplifying mortgage servicing for everyone involved by leveraging best-in-class technologies that provide a safe and user-friendly experience for Servicers and consumers. Brace’s innovative workflows and integrations let Servicers focus on what they do best, providing consumers with fast complaint resolutions and support instead of building technology.

Brace saves time and money for your tech teams by handling the tricky integrations for you, enabling you to connect with one hub that supports top-tier, approved vendors. Brace lets you seamlessly add, subtract, or build upon our standard integrations as your organization grows and shifts with the ever-evolving mortgage servicing industry.

Features of the Brace API management system.

Your Mortgage Servicing Tool Kit

What do we leverage 3rd party vendors to provide? Here are some of the convenient features our integrations currently power.

Digital Asset Reporting & Income Verification

By integrating with Plaid, consumers can instantly import payslips and bank statements as supporting proof for Servicers to formulate the best default resolution strategy.

Consumer dashboard view of Brace's digital asset reporting.


Natural disasters continue to grow as a leading cause of homeowners entering into loss mitigation. Thanks to the FEMA geo-coding integration, consumers impacted by natural disasters can quickly and accurately report their disaster, identifying their property address as in an affected location.

Digital Communications

CFPB has defined digital communications as the same or better than first-class mail. Brace’s digital communications provide templated outreach to help guide homeowners in providing the required information to select the right workout option for their situation.


The ability for homeowners to esign documents on their loss mitigation applications greatly reduces the inconvenience of waiting for paper mail to travel back and forth, shortening the time it takes to right-side and recapture a loan.

An example of Brace's esignature capabilities.

Credit Score Verification

Brace helps Servicers gain quick access to credit reports through our integration partners, allowing for even faster file resolution.


A secure sign-on works in combination with our single-tenant environment and white-labeling to ensure your customers have a fully secure and seamless experience from your portal to ours.

Better Together with Brace

Brace is bringing mortgage servicing into the digital age by providing servicers and consumers with a centralized access point that everyone can access data in real-time.

The constantly evolving mortgage servicing industry demands flexibility. That’s why making our platform as developer-friendly as possible was so essential. As your organization evolves and grows with the industry, what works today might not work in five years. This flexibility promotes creative business practices and doesn’t trap you within costly technological developments.

If you’re ready for a better way to serve your teams and customers, contact us to learn more.