Homeowner Engagement

Empower Homeowners With Digital Self-Service

Lead digital change and keep one step ahead of regulatory demands for consumer access to transparent accessible information.


The Problem

People are able to order, understand or access everything they need through digital means, on their schedule. Consumer and regulatory demand for this digital transparency is growing.

With most Servicers still only providing phone and paper-based support, homeowners are left disengaged from their mortgage process, unaware of the possible benefits the Servicer could provide them.

The Solution

Brace’s platform extends the reach and digital access to your homeowners.

Currently focused on default management, the Brace platform slots seamlessly into your processes. Your customers gain a convenient transparent solution available to them 24/7/365.


Drive Digital Transformation

Lead the digital evolution of Servicing and stay ahead of demand.


Engage More Customers

Extend your reach and engage more customers through relevant accessible channels.


Equip for Success

Empower your customers to self-serve and get the information they need.


Responsible Servicers should be preparing now. There is no time to waste, and no excuse for inaction.

Dave Uejio

CFPB Acting Director

Empower Your Homeowners

Let your customers interact with you on their schedule 24/7/365 without the paper, through a fully white-labeled and integrated portal. Smart integrations support homeowners as they navigate, reducing the need for additional follow-up:

  • FEMA data identifies homes in disaster affected areas
  • Bank and paystub data provide digital asset reports
  • Secure eSignature process supports 1 or many borrowers

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Supercharge Your Operations

Stop mailing, scanning, or receiving 10 separate documents to stare and compare. Brace delivers all your homeowner's information along with integrated third-party information like credit reports, together in a single document. Increasing your data accuracy and ability to meet RESPA guidelines for responsive compliance.

Happier Homeowners

Extend your servicing capabilities. Let homeowners own their schedule and self-serve through the channel of their choice.


Digital Communication

Email and text communications are better and more effective than first-class mail. Brace lets your customers select the communication channel of their choice, providing templated email follow-ups and reminders, keeping homeowners informed and on track.

Transform Your Service

Find out how we can quickly digitally equip your Servicing process.

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