Digital Experience

Deliver Efficiency at Every Touchpoint

Provide a fully digital experience with fast secure access to the information needed to make the right decisions no matter where in the mortgage ecosystem they are.


Lead the Change

Beat emerging competitors and exceed customer demand for digital transparency and control.


Scale With Stability

Respond immediately to fluctuations in customer volume without impacting performance or experience. 


Drive Operational Efficiency

Reduce controllable costs and gain continual transparency into effective operational enhancements.

Open the Door to Engaged Homeowners

People have busy lives, expecting access to services and information without having to disrupt their day during business hours. Brace's platform acts as an extension to your team, providing 24/7 support to your homeowners, enabling higher engagement and faster communications.

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Simplified Modern Servicing

Streamline your mortgage servicing operations with a platform
focused on a Servicers' needs.

Increase Data Quality & Quantity

Brace reduces the need to hunt for stray documents or stare and compare for servicing teams, and makes it easier for homeowners to provide supporting documentation. Consolidating real-time data from multiple sources into a single actionable view.


Empower & Engage Your Talent

Intuitive dashboards provide a focused environment making onboarding and training employees fast and easy. The end-to-end digital solution supports forward-thinking talent management by reducing repetitive paper-based processes and empowering employees with higher-value tasks.   

Pivoting to Provide Digital Support During a Crisis

Learn how Flagstar Bank laid the foundation for a more transparent and user-friendly online loan servicing portal, starting with default resolutions.

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Automate Workflows & Decisioning

Streamlined task management and customizable workflows operate in tandem with intelligent decisioning, providing timely recommendations in line with investor guidelines, increasing homeowner recapture, and retention rates.


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