The Brace Team

The Power Behind the Technology

Revolutionizing a $32b market that supports every face of America, takes a team that reflects those faces.


Our bi-coastal NY and LA team of innovators brings together people with a unique set of skills, experience, and perspectives, to think outside the box and build solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.


I appreciate and am humbled by the talent and drive of my team and the wonderful people that I get to work with on a daily basis.

Jason Dudek

Senior Java Developer


Being part of a team of innovators allows me to see problems from a new perspective. At the same time, when we come up with a solution, we are empowered to turn it into reality.

Alice Erickson

Senior Director of Finance & Accounting

How We Act


Embrace Simplicity

We add value by removing complexity, providing clarity without losing capabilities.


Diverse and Inclusive

We are proportionally representative of our customers and their different life experiences, and innately understand their needs.


Cross Brace

We seek ideas and action from every team member across the company.


Unlock Grit

We believe in the perseverance of effort combined with the passion for our long-term vision.


Meticulous Ownership

We own our actions and take individual responsibility for our collective success, paying attention to the details and making data-driven decisions.


Amaze Customers

We exceed our customers' satisfaction.

Meet the Team

Learn more about the Brace team and what they enjoy about Brace.

Strength Through Diversity

We believe everyone should feel respected, included, and valued. From the first contact during our recruitment process to every meeting afterward.

We’re not like most tech companies, we can’t just have one viewpoint and build to the 80/20 rule. To make sure our products are equipped to support every homeowner, we need to build to the 99.99% rule. That takes a unique team of many voices, opinions, and experiences. We embrace this need and are proud that 30% of our engineering team is female.


The people here are absolutely fantastic — smart, well-rounded, worldly. The environment is tremendously inclusive and everybody’s opinions are welcomed and heard.

Barclay Dunn

Snr. Software Engineer

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