Automated Workflow & Compliance

Accelerate and Control Your Workflow

Unshackle your team from disconnected databases, spreadsheets, and manual processes. The Brace platform is the key.


The Problem

Processes and reporting that relies on disparate data in legacy technology with fragmented manual inputs, results in time consuming solutions that are costly and noncompliant.

The Solution

Brace is a streamlined solution that houses all your teams' needs. Automation of workflows, tasks, and decisions delivers consistent and compliant results in a fraction of the time -- giving you the competitive Servicing advantage.

The Secret to Your Success


We Work Hard So You Don't Have To

The Brace platform uses its proprietary Rules Engine and Tasking System to automate menial tasks guided by investor requirements. Pairing this power with flexible roles and responsibilities provides an unparalleled level of customizable Servicer workflows that ensure consistent and fast results.

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Reduce Your Regulatory Costs

Brace reduces the burden of managing and implementing investor and regulatory requirements by ensuring all team members are following and documenting each step on each file processed. New regulatory requirements are quickly and responsively implemented in days not weeks.

At every step in the process, Brace provides end-to-end audit reporting at the touch of a button.


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Brace Platform

Hire, Onboard & Scale With Confidence

We like to call the Brace skills-based tasking, the Mr. Miyagi approach. Like with the Karate Kid, this lets Servicers onboard new team members (SPOC's, Processors, Closers, or Underwriters) in a controlled environment by ensuring the team member is fully proficient at each skill before undertaking more -- whether they're working from home or in the office. Have a team member who's really fast at one task? The Brace Tasking System will learn that and tip the work.

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