Evolving Mortgage Servicing

A new class of Servicing technology for a changing world. Brace’s Default Management Platform supports the end-to-end loss-mitigation process in a single smart integrated experience.


Increase Servicing Margins

Brace drives Servicer team productivity, reducing cycle times and removing manual work through its skills-based Tasking System, smart workflows, and live reporting. Here's How


Deliver a Customer-Enabled Experience

Let your homeowners engage with you on their terms 24/7/365 with a guided experience. Templated digital communications enable a complete application the first time, reducing call volume and paper.Here's How


Reduce Compliance Risks

Leave the limitations of legacy solutions behind by centralizing Servicing activities and audit capabilities in a single stack. The Brace Rules Engine provides accurate traceable real-time waterfalls and reporting out-of-the-box.Here's How


Brace 2023 U.S. Mortgage Servicing Survey

Homeowners reveal their concerns and challenges amid economic uncertainty, creating opportunities for Servicers to earn consumer trust through education.

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Our Customers Achieve Amazing Results

Flagstar Bank responded to their customer's needs for a fast user-friendly default resolution process, reducing call volume by 4k hours during a time of high demand.


Why We're Different

A partnership that fuels your acceleration in a changing world, delivering innovative compliant solutions for today and tomorrow.

No More Paper Cuts

Exceed market demand for digital transparency and control.
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Enterprise Level Technology

Control your data with impactful traceability of every action.
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Gain a Partner, Not a Vendor

Connectivity that results in shared success through meaningful ROI.
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Live Waterfall Decisioning

Stop waiting for workouts. Brace's proprietory Rules Engine provides consistent and equitable decisioning of GSE and investor guidelines without the dependency on paper or spreadsheets. Loss mitigation applications are instantly and progressively evaluated with each new piece of data supplied.

Workflow at the Touch of a Button

No more creating daily task lists or wondering how your team is performing. Brace's skills-based Tasking System automatically creates and assigns tasks to the most relevant team members, using a many hands approach to each file to resolve questions faster allowing you to scale your operations and unlock higher margins.


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Compassionately unlocking financial performance for a brighter future.
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Innovative industry experts evolving mortgage servicing.
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Passionate about building wealth for all through equitable homeownership.
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